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Boom, boom, boom! There is nothing more exciting than hearing the beat of the drums, as the marching band sets off and the crowd cheers! Students, teachers and parents alike cannot help but feel the rising exhilaration when a school band cheers on a team. And how many moms and dads, smiling, have wiped away a discreet tear as they watch their tiny tots in the beginners' orchestra solemnly play for the first time? Or swelled with pride as the college band performs for an important out-of-towner? Yes, school, college and youth bands are part of the very fabric of American culture.

This is why band fundraisers are pressingly important. Most schools are now unable to subsidise programs, but as every orchestra leader, musician and parent knows, it all adds up. Musical instrument maintenance, band travel expenses, uniforms for competitions or parades, and sheet music, all require ready funds. Suddenly everybody involved is scratching their heads for new band fundraising ideas. But where band fundraisers can make or break a music program, the competition is fierce - the football team, cheerleading squad and various clubs and societies will be looking for donations too. Thus, finding the right band fundraising ideas is now more important than ever before.

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